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The following are all the reviews I’ve found of the Wallaby Standing Desk Converter from ErgoDesktop.  The reviews are ranking in the order that I found them to be trustworthy, insightful and important for anyone considering buying the product to read first: 

Ergo Desktop Wallaby Standing Desk Converter Review



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The Wallaby

  • The Wallaby is larger than The Wallaby Junior
  • The Wallaby is designed to set your monitor to a desired height and keep locked in place. The monitor height will then move in unison with the work surface. It does not offer the same dual adjustment as the Kangaroo Pro.
  • VESA mount has 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 hole pattern
  • Holds your monitor on a VESA Bracket (included)
  • VESA mount has “Tilt, Pan and Rotate” adjustability
  • The monitor mount has 7” adjustment to set to desired height.
  • Recommended for Monitors up to 15 lbs without its base attached
  • If your monitor is heavier than 15 lbs without its base attached, please enter in your monitor brand and model number in the “order comments” section on the checkout page, we can support a monitor weight of up to 34 lbs. You can also call us at 866-232-7988 for the upgrade.
  • Main work surface is adjustable 16.5″ above your desk
  • Main work surface measures 28″ wide by 24″ deep
  • Work surface of our adjustable height desktop can be raised to the exact same location by using our “stopping bolt” feature
  • Solid Steel Base plate makes The Wallaby very stable and measures 17.5″ wide by 16″ deep
  • All units come have one stabilization leg included