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best standing desk workstation reviews
best stand up desk converters

Some people aren’t ready to replace their old desk, or have a built-in countertop they have to work with, so these have become very popular in recent years.

Standing desk converters are a great low budget alternative to a standing desk. From a consumer search standpoint the most challenging thing about finding reviews of standing desk converters is that people tend to intermingle the term “standing desk” to mean either a full standing desk or just a desktop workstation. Even the term “desktop workstation” is problematic because this brings up PCs that sit on top of your desk (as opposed to laptops).

Desktop riser is another term that is often intermingled with the intent of a standing desk search, but technically the term riser refers to a fixed-height monitor stand, or laptop stand, but not a height-adjustable desktop converter. Still, many sites use the term interchangeably, including Amazon. So confusion abounds. At least here you can trust that the products listed below are all true standing desk converters.

As with the full standing desk reviews, I’ll ask that you please not contact me asking about which is my favorite standing desk converter. It’s not the purpose of my website; I’m looking only creating a master index of where all the real reviews are and where consumers can look for other customers’ reviews or add their own.

The following are in alphabetical order:

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