Review Sites

The following websites have all written reviews on office fitness products. I have listed here those that also offer a comment section for users to also add their own reviews.

Standing Desk Review Sites

Reviews SiteEditorial FocusAccept User Reviews?
9to5ToysGeneral gadgetryN
BabelTechReviewsTech Reviews SiteN
ArmchairEmpireToys, music, kitchen, sports, and a few desks.N
BackonimoBack pain relief products, a few desk reviews.Y
BusinessInsiderCulture, politics, tech, you name it... this is a massive site but not dedicated to product reviewsN
CNETExtremely broad focus on technology products, few office fitness product reviewsY
DigitalTrendsExtremely broad focus on technology products, and a few desk reviewsN
FitDeskJockeymuscle building and fitnessN
GadgetReviewExtremely broad focus on gadgetry of all kinds, a few desk reviewsY
GamingFactorsGaming products site, a few desk reviewsN
GearDiaryExtremely broad focus on gadgetry of all kinds, a few desk reviewsY
GizmodoAnything new and cool, not just products. a few desk reviewsY
HeightAdjustableDeskAdvice100% on active workstations, but unfortunately the site went defunct in 2014N
HighyaExtremely broad focus of content and product categories, with only one review of a standing deskN
HotHardware.comEverything hardware, from electronic components to computer systemsY
Last Minute GeekUnfocused content designed for SEO, not human visitors. Only one standing desk review.Y
NotSittingSole focus on active workstations and ergonomic accessoriesN
PC WorldAll computing products, but only wrote one standing desk review, in 2014N
PCGamerEverything related to computer gaming, including gaming standing desksY
PCMagAll computing products, including standing desk productsN
RedLineMindsNot even a reviews site. Wrote one standing desk converter review for a friend in AustinN
Reviews.comReviews factory in countless categories.N
SitStandDeskConversion.comSpecifically focused on standing desks and convertersY
StandingDeskNationExclusively focused on office fitness productsY
StartStanding.orgSpecifically focused on active workstationsY
Tested.comExtremely broad tech, arts, food, etc. A few desk reviews.N
TheGadgeteerExtremely broad focus on gadgetry of all kindsY
ThinkComputers.orgExtremely broad focus on technology products, a few standing desk reviewsY
VBestReviews.comReviews factory for clickbait results in search enginesN
TheWireCutterExtremely broad focus on technology products, including some standing desksY
WorkWhileWalking.comThe category leader in real reviews by expert staff who focus solely on the active workstations categoryY
BustedWalletGeneral reviews siteY
Gear PatrolEverything from cars to jacketsN
StandupDesk.orgSpecifically focused on standing desk productsY