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Click on any link below to see my compilation of all the third-party reviews of each of the following full standing desk products. These are sorted by the order in which they appeared on my last Google search—I figure their algorithms are pretty good at listing the most-read websites first.  The desks listed below are separate and distinct from the standing desk converter reviews, which are also known as “desktop risers” or “standing desk workstations,” though the latter term is often intermingled with searches for full standing desks.

Please don’t contact me asking which is the best standing desk in my opinion. My study, this website, is devoted only to vetting out the reviews from everything else that isn’t a review in Google search results, not the underlying products.

I should also add this observation: an abundance of reviews of a particular desk is not necessarily an indication of its popularity or quality. Some companies, like VarideskAutonomous, Jarvis and UpLift are particularly good at getting a lot of reviews published. Most of those reviews are with sites that clearly sell their reviews in exchange for a free desk, and usually also a monetizing affiliate link, so that’s not saying much. In my statistical analysis there is no correlation between the volume of reviews and the popularity or quality of the product.


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