Fully Jarvis Standing Desk Reviews

jarvis bamboo standing desk

The following are all the reviews I’ve found of the Jarvis Standing Desk from Fully (f.k.a. Ergo Depot).  The reviews are ranking in the order that Google found them to be valuable  

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The WireCutter 

The Best Standing Desks: Reviews by Wirecutter 

  • Height adjustable desk frame from 23.25″ to 49.25″
  • Sit-stand desk frame supports 350lb lifting capacity with quiet motorized 1.5″ per second height adjustment
  • Supports table tops from 44″ – 82″ wide and 24″ – 36″ deep with telescoping crossbar (top not included)
  • Digital display handset with 4 memory preset options for easy adjustment
  • Industry-leading 7 year warranty on all frame, mechanical, and electrical components

Add “adjustable” and “standing” to just about any surface with a Jarvis frame. Among the many clever customer ideas we’ve seen: DIY adjustable standing butcher block table, DIY adjustable standing synthesizer stand, DIY adjustable standing radio host podium, or you know, the classic DIY adjustable height standing desk.

Whatever you build, be assured that this frame has been #1 on The Wirecutter’s review of standing desks for four years running.

Custom-made vs. off-the-shelf components. Our goal has been to make the desk that has it all— it’s attractive, stable, durable, and easy to assemble.

Industry-leading 350 lb. lifting capacity and 25.5” of height adjustability with an impressive top height of 51”. The LED programmable push-button memory handset gets you switching positions with speed and ease.

Small details = huge difference. We build our frame with heavier steel feet (not aluminum) and a lifting column that’s wider at the bottom to make a more grounded, less wobbly, top heavy desk. We added rubber grommets to cut down on the noise and vibration. And we’ve hidden the exterior hardware to make a cleaner look.

Simple set-up. Even if you and tools aren’t the best of friends, we promise you can handle this one. We’re known among customers for our easy-to-follow instructions. You can do it!

Note: Jarvis Desk Frames are designed to work with 120V power input. Using a voltage converter could cause damage to the desk, and is considered improper use. Resulting damage is not covered by the warranty.