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Designed to make a convert of you.

Have a fixed-height desk you love… except for the fixed height part? The Cooper Standing Desk Converter lets you keep grandpa’s desk while also joining the active working movement.

Look up “desk converter” and you will be on your computer all day—we know because we looked at every converter out there in hopes of finding the perfect one to add to our product list. We found many good ones, but we didn’t find the one that had it all: stability, usable workspace, ease of use, sustainable craftsmanship. So, as with our Jarvis desks, we went with plan B: If you can’t find it, design it.

Our first move was to throw out the common incremental height adjustment (not enough height options) and the front-to-back motion you see with most desk risers (takes up too much space). We went instead with a double X-frame (think ironing board) that adjusts smoothly straight up and down to give you the most usable surface area possible (732 square inches), while still offering a built-in keyboard platform below the main work surface (another 341 square inches). Built-in tension adjustment can handle a variety of weights (up to 35 lbs), and the frame’s X structure evenly distributes the weight at every height.

We also gave our standing desk converter a hydraulic lift with one-hand operation so you can easily glide through nearly 16″ of height adjustment, stopping anywhere you like along the way.

Finally, a little something for the earth: our signature bamboo and powdercoated MDF tops, two of the most environmentally-conscious (and drop-jaw beautiful) surfaces available