Autonomous SmartDesk Mini Standing Desk Converter Reviews

smartdesk mini standing desk converter review

The following are all the reviews I’ve found of the SmartDesk  from Autonomous.  The reviews are ranking in the order that Google finds them of value to the consumer. 

Autonomous SmartDesk Mini Review


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Autonomous SmartDesk Mini Standing Desk Review


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Now anyone can stand at work

We took what’s at the heart of the original SmartDesk and reengineered it to bring you the first ever electric table-top standing desk. SmartDesk mini turns any desk into an automatic standing desk. Now you can take autonomy over your workspace and enhance your health, focus and productivity at the office.

Minimal design

In the signature minimal style of the original SmartDesk, the SmartDesk mini offers a clean and simple aesthetic for a tidy mind.

Work smarter and be more productive

Move seamlessly between sitting and standing throughout the day to tackle sedentary working and improve your mobility and circulation — work healthier, happier and be more productive!

All the original SmartDesk features

Our Smart Keypad memorizes your favorite heights so that you can move smoothly between sitting and standing at the touch of a button.

Advanced technologies

Enhanced electric motor and noise canceling engineering for movement that is both silent and secure.


Is it portable?

  • Yes! While the SmartDesk mini Standing Desk is not designed to travel in airplanes or small vehicles, it is very easy to pack up and move from one location to another. This is great for changing careers, hackathons, or moving.

Does the monitor arm come standard or is that an additional feature?

  • The monitor arm is a standard feature of the SmartDesk mini.

Can you remove the monitor arm?

  • No, it is an essential part of the frame.

What’s the frame made of?

  • The frame is made of powder-coated steel.

Can I use the desk with a laptop computer or desktop computer?

  • Both laptops and desktops will work perfectly on the SmartDesk mini Table Top Standing Desk.

How much weight can it hold?

  • The Smart Desk mini can support a maximum of 33lbs or 15 kg.

Is it a single or dual motor standing desk?

  • The SmartDesk mini features a powerful and ultra-quiet single motor that keeps energy consumption low while keeping the sit-to-stand function optimal.

How high can it go? How low can it go? What is the tallest a person can be to use this desk without leaning over?

  • The top level of the desk has a starting height of 6 inches and a maximum height of 23 inches. The lower level (keyboard tray) has a starting height of ½ inches and a standing height of 18 inches. The monitor arm has a maximum height of 43 inches.
  • The SmartDesk mini can be used by anyone of any height because it sits on top of your existing desk. To calculate the total height of your workplace set up, measure your desk and add the standing height of the SmartDesk mini. Remember, you will want the keyboard tray to be at your elbows for a properly adjusted standing height.

Does the keyboard tray slide forward and back?

  • No, it is stationary for added stability.

What are the dimensions of the SmartDesk mini? Will it fit on my desk?

  • The SmartDesk mini is 33.3 inches long and 20 inches wide at its widest point. The SmartDesk mini is designed to fit most (if not all) home desks and office desks. To be absolutely sure it will fit, measure your desk with an additional 1 inch of clearance in the front and on the sides.

How fast does the SmartDesk mini raise and lower?

  • The SmartDesk mini Standing Desk raises and lowers at 1 inch per second.

How much does it weigh?

  • The SmartDesk mini weighs 33lbs.

Do I have to attach the SmartDesk mini to my desk?

  • No. The SmartDesk mini Table Top Standing Desk sits on top of your existing desk on four plastic coated steel feet. The feet are secured to the desk by the gravitational force exerted by the SmartDesk mini.

Which outlets work with the SmartDesk mini’s power cord?

  • The SmartDesk mini comes standard with a 2-prong power cord for USA outlets. Orders shipped outside of the US will be adjusted with the appropriate power cord for the destination country.

What is the warranty on the SmartDesk mini?

  • We offer a 5-year warranty for SmartDesk mini.

What colors does it come in

  • The SmartDesk mini Standing Desk is featured in black and white.