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Hi, I’m Wilson Wu and thanks for visiting my “master index of reviews” website. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it, as it is a work-in-progress. And as you’ll read below, this site is all about enabling consumers to share their positive and negative experiences with a product they have purchased.

I started this website after a particularly bad consumer experience. The story began when I went shopping online for a new standing desk last year. My back was really starting to kill me from many hours of sitting in front of computer, doing research for my Masters degree. Being a starving student, my starter desk was an Autonomous SmartDesk that I found on Kickstarter for only $249. Like most things that sound too good to be true, it turned out to be too good to be true!

The Autonomous turned out to be a piece of garbage. It arrived five months after I paid for it. During those five months I was repeatedly put off when I asked to cancel the order and get a refund so that I could go buy something else. I tried cancelling the credit card charge but more than 60 days had passed, so it was too late. The SmartDesk was so poorly made that I couldn’t get it assembled without getting replacement parts first, and the motor completely died after only four months of use even though all I ever had on it was a laptop, my inkjet printer and some textbooks. Total waste of money.

I went on the website to post a really negative review, which I’m sure it was instantly deleted because it wasn’t the kind of 5-star review that they seem to exclusively publish. OK, no surprise.

Still steaming about all the time and money I sunk into a bad purchase, I started searching for independent reviews sites where I could share my horrible experience with as many people as possible. In the process I came across a whole bunch of detritus that wasn’t even actual reviews sites—everything from eight year old newspaper articles on standing desks to reddit comments, mommy blogger sites no one reads, and merchandising pages from various resellers like Amazon and Office Depot.

Finding actual review sites where I could trust the content was one challenge, and find ones where I could leave my own feedback (other than Amazon, et al) was another time sink. I figured other people must have this same challenge when they tack the word “review” to the end of a product name search, so I thought I’d build this site to make it easier for people to a) research the best standing desk workstation products before buying, and b) know where to add their positive of negative reviews of their customer experience where it will actually be seen by others.

How this site is organized

Because many people use the term “standing desk” interchangeably to mean either a full-sized, height-adjustable desk, or the kind of desktop converter type that goes on top of an existing desk, I created two categories to keep these apart. Under each category you’ll find all the popular products listed (I’m adding more every week), and if you click on any of them you’ll see a list off all the reviews I was able to find on them, along with a link to the review sites information page. On the info page I’ve indicated whether each site accepts user reviews.


I’ve decided to add treadmill desks as a third category to my site, by popular request.